Far Cry 5 is coming – What changes await us?

It’s so close

Developers on the occasion of the fifth part of the Far Cry series may take up heavier than usual themes, but do not be fooled – it is still a game that – if not for other environment – could be confused with previous scenes.

Announced game premiere: March 27, 2018.

The world is reborn again, the era of depravity, sin and illusions are ending. Those who have succumbed to worldly pleasures are doomed to extermination and there is no escape for them. Only the charges of Father Joseph survive, hidden with him in Hope County. They were given a mission – to rebuild Eden, to live in it as the divine voice commands. But even in the face of the biblical cataclysm, the inevitable apocalypse and the fall of the corrupt civilization, the developers from Ubisoft did not take even the slightest risk at Far Cry 5. It is a continuation to the pain safe – offering a lot of fun, but ultimately completely non-alive.

What problem I have with the discussed title reached me after returning from the show in Paris, where I spent four hours with the Sandbox published at the end of this month. I sat in front of the computer and for a moment fired Far Cry 3. And let me tell you that the differences between the third and fifth part – apart from the change of surroundings and a nicer visual setting – are basically trace. This cycle has stopped developing. Instead, it expands, adding new types of weapons, vehicles, side activities and allowing us to visit other parts of the globe. The lovers of the tested formula will not complain about it, but those who are tired of it, probably would like some completely fresh mechanics, changing at least a bit of fun. Meanwhile, Ubisoft prefers to be more, nicer, more effective, but in fact the same.

However, it must be admitted to the developers that, as long as the game has remained unchanged for five years, a breath of freshness can be felt in the story. It is true that the vision of a religious sect that has been isolated from the rest of the United States and lead the rule of theocratic totalitarianism is a bit strained, but offers interesting opportunities. First of all, the character of the antagonist, Father Joseph, finally deviates from the type of the charismatic psychopath presented by Vaas or Pagan Min. The Prophet of the Project at Bram Eden is absolutely convinced of his uniqueness, he can incite the crowds, and at the same time he does not waste time on jokes or monologues. The vision of a fanatical sect also affects the world presented in the game – from the loudspeakers at the checkpoints resound testimonies of contrite heretics Far Cry 5

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