First information about Farming Simulator 19

It has to be nicer, more and better.

Time for the start of the hot season when it comes to virtual farms – the first cards are revealed by the creators of Farming Simulator 19, which promises to be the most complex farm simulator in the history of the whole series!

Announced game premiere: 2018.

Although there is snow and frost outside the windows, the farmer’s season is starting to unfold. Soon, a new contender for the agricultural simulation throne – Pure Farming 2018 Techland – will go to the shelves. Nevertheless, the current leader, ie the Farming Simulator cycle, will not give up – its latest part will certainly be a strong competition. This year’s edition of the series with the number 19 is to bring many new opportunities and improvements that the creators are slowly beginning to present to all interested parties. And there are many indications that this year we can expect another big step forward.

The Giants Software team intends to maintain a two-year cycle of launching its flagship production – after Farming Simulator 17 released in 2016, the latest version will certainly appear this year. When exactly? This is not yet known – the creators are very reserved in this matter, but it should certainly be expected in the autumn. Because although we learned quite a lot about it during the closed presentation of the game, there was still a lot to be announced. Let’s focus on what is known at the moment….

Graphic engine is the driving force

One of the most important novelties of the new FS is to be significantly improved, and in many places a newly written graphic engine. It is intended to allow large-scale improvements to the appearance of the game, which so many fans of this farm series have long expected. It can not be concealed that after several years of delicate lifting of the visual side of this title, many solutions used so far by developers have begun to sting in the eyes – especially about the physics of the surroundings, archaically presenting textures or miserable animation of animals and plants. Now all these aspects are to be significantly improved – we can expect completely remodeled buildings and elements of the environment as well as more realistic physics and preservation of the flora and fauna of the world’s farmyard.

The creators boast in particular an advanced lighting system – shadows cast by individual buildings will look just believable, which will also happen thanks to the refined system of changing the times of the day. Players will observe both a clear sunrise and sunset bathed in characteristic red, there will also be procedurally generated clouds obscuring the sun’s rays, and the setting of shadows will depend on the angle of their falling. By the way, the developers boasted of an interesting graphic effect – after a long while staring at the burning sun, the surroundings will appear a little darker until our eyes get accustomed to the reduced light – just like in reality.

Manufacturers also promise more realistic weather effects, especially rain and wind, which we will feel when looking at our crops. Graphic details are worth mentioning about the details of the machines – there will be visible scratches on the metal elements, there are also significant differences between matt and metallic varnish, and the individual materials from which the vehicles or buildings are created are to have different properties if it’s about reflecting light and reflections. The Giants Software team also promises that it will reliably contribute to better sound reproduction – especially in the case of vehicles, as well as the movement of our character or the reaction of animals. Animations will also be improved, which is a natural consequence of the remodeled graphic engine.

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